Why We Are Here!

   We are passionate about you our potential or returning customer!! Our goal is to bring our very best to you every day! Each year we strategize to produce innovative patterns and genetics that benefit reptile owners and other breeders. Producing healthy snakes and maintaining their health in our facility, all the way to your front door, is our number one priority. Have any questions? We are here to answer them or at least point you in the right direction. We are passionate about reticulated pythons and want to share that passion with you! To contact us see the number below, send us a form on our contacts page, or message us on Facebook!

A Little About Our Business

   Metcalf Reptiles was founded in 2013 by Aaron Metcalf who was later joined by three other family partners Joseph Metcalf, Stephen Metcalf, and Joe Metcalf as the business grew. Passionate about reticulated pythons, the Metcalfs expanded the business through the addition of a portion of Travis Kubes Pythons reticulated python collection in 2016. Since then, we have continued to acquire retics and expand our ability to produce highly valued genetics. Metcalf Reptiles is excited to serve their customers with innovative reticulated python patterns with an emphasis in the super dwarf line. Our goal is to be innovative and forward thinking enabling us to bring the very best reticulated pythons to market each year!

Meet the Team!

Meet Aaron Metcalf our Breeding Manager:

Meet Aaron Metcalf and watch behind the scenes footage!

Meet Joseph Metcalf our Operations Manager:

   My name is Joseph Metcalf, I am 29 years old and have a serious passion for business! While obtaining a bachelors degree in Biochemistry and a minor in Business from Eastern New Mexico University I fell in love with small businesses, how they operate, and most importantly learning that its their people that make great companies a success! At the age of 20, with the support of great mentors, I started my first business. Since then I have owned and operated four companies all in separate industries and fields. I am passionate about helping businesses thrive and serving our customers with excellence!

A few fun facts about me!

  • I am an identical twin

  • I used to be a collegiate athlete and still love to run and train in the hills of North Eastern Nebraska

  • In my spare time, hanging out with my family is super fun!

  • I love hunting and fishing while enjoying God's creating in the great outdoors

Meet Joe Metcalf our Senior Managing Partner:

   My name is Joe Metcalf and I have lived in Norfolk, NE for 22 years, been married for 34 years and have nine amazing children (three remain at home). I work as a full time emergency medicine physician at Columbus Community Hospital and I am passionate about providing excellent medical care with compassion for the suffering. I am also an elder in our local church and hold as my strongest core value to honor the Lord with every aspect of my life.

   In my elective time, I enjoy being with my wife and children. I also enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking and most any activity that will take me outdoors. I am also an avid runner of 40 years and still enjoy running daily on the hilly country roads outside my front door. My interest in snakes began as a very young boy and those interests were quickly passed on to most all my children. I am part owner of Metcalf Reptiles with three of my sons. My two highest priorities for our business are to create a valuable product for our customers through innovative breeding techniques and to sustain a reputation of excellence, integrity and trust with those we serve!

Meet Stephen Metcalf our Quality control manager:

I am sixteen years old and schooled at home.  I am the eighth of nine children and I love being around them all.  Spending time with my family as well as hunting, fishing and many other outdoor activities are my favorite past times.  I have a special interest in mowing and excellent lawn care and really enjoy researching the latest technology available in this realm of business.  I am partners with my Father and two older brothers in Metcalf Reptiles and enjoy bringing the skills I am learning elsewhere to the company to benefit our customers.  I maintain the mechanics of the Reptile Room as well as assist my Father weekly in cleaning cages and wrestling snakes – woo hoo!  My desire is to work with excellence in all I do in life and in business as I know that this is the Lord’s desire for my life.